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Meet Erin

As a child, I was most likely to be found sprawled in my dad's recliner, a pencil in my right hand, a spoon in my left, and a bowl of mashed potatoes balacing atop a pad of paper in my lap. A born multi-tasker with, ultimately, food-centered priorities.


Thirty-some years later, not much has changed. Except now, I'm with my children by day and painting by night, nap time and weekend. I paint lovely pictures of homes, families, flowers, quotes and other things I (and my clients!) love. My favorite part? Hearing the stories behind the paintings.  


I live in a cute little cottage in Elm Grove, Wisconsin, with my husband, Tom, our three daughters, and our yellow lab, Mollie. We are all Irish, affectionate and very type-A.

Stock Wall of Paintings.jpg
Home Sweet Home | Elm Grove Family
The Kutcher Family
Home Sweet Home | Adileta Family
Bridal Portrait
Home portrait
Handlettering | Fear Nothing
Home Sweet Home | Chris and Lisa
Handlettering | Peter Pan
Custom | Girlfriend Gift
Bridal | Maggie
Custom | Baby Shower Invitation
Handlettering | 100%
Home Sweet Home | Jenna and Drew
Handlettering | Live Simply
Home Sweet Home | LoCoco Family
Bridal | Bridesmaid Katy
Washington Retreat House
Portrait | Jenna Kutcher Couple
Custom | Alice in Wonderland
Handlettering | Edith Stein

How it works

I work in watercolor and ink on any scale - most pieces are 8x10". Home and portrait paintings are based off of digital photos that you email me.


I take on several new commissions each month. Custom pieces for brides and wedding parties, family portraits, branding services, and anything just-for-fun you may want for gifts or for yourself.

Custom 8x10" home paintings start at $305. Custom 8x10" hand-lettered quotes start at $85. All pricing is determined on an individual basis, so please contact me and we can get started on your custom process!


Please allow approximately one month for your commission to be completed and shipped to you.

Bridal Bridesmaid in Pink 8x10.jpg
Stock Stacks of Prints to Ship.jpg
I Am Not Afraid 8x10.jpg

The Print Shop

All 8x10" hand-lettered framable prints and select cards are available in my online shop for your gift-giving and home-decorating pleasure.


Contact me

I'd love to talk with you about creating a custom piece just for you. Simply complete the form below and I'll be in touch soon! 


Success! Your message has been sent to Erin! You will receive a response within three business days.

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